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Corporate Governance

The Development Agency has been established and operated in accordance with the legislative framework and provisions of the relevant and applicable legislation. The purpose of the Development Agency shall be to act as a special purpose vehicle to identify, initiate, consolidate, promote, facilitate, and implement catalytic or high impact projects intended to contribute to the growth and economic prosperity of the entirety of Joe Gqabi.

The mandate and focus area (mandate area) of Joe Gqabi Economic Development Agency is the entirety of Joe Gqabi District, encompassing the full geographical areas and jurisdictions of all Municipalities within Joe Gqabi District (Mandate Area), spanning the following Municipalities:

  • Joe Gqabi District Municipality (‘’JGDM”),
  • Elundini Local Municipality (‘’ELM’’), 
  • Gariep Local Municipality (‘’GLM’’), 
  • Maletswai Local Municipality (‘’MLM’’), and
  • Senqu Local Municipality (‘’SLM’’)

In order to be able to perform services and functions consistent with its mission and strategic objectives, the Development Agency shall have the authority to contract with public and private institutions and corporations. The Agency is authorised to receive money from public and private sources in furtherance of its mandate and objectives. The Development Agency shall have the authority to implement the following strategic objectives:

  • To act as driver and engine for economic development and growth by diversifying and expanding the economic and industrial base of Joe Gqabi District.
  • To secure a stable and sustainable financial resource base for its future sustainability
  • To identify, initiate, facilitate, promote, own and implement catalytic or high impact economic development and investment projects.
  • To develop and participate in businesses that create sustainable job opportunities for the people of Joe Gqabi District.
  • To source funds for economic development concepts or opportunities and convert these into projects aimed at materially transforming and strengthening the economy of Joe Gqabi District.
  • To initiate, launch, manage and monitor any study that may be necessary to further its objectives.

In the day to day discharge of their duties and responsibilities, the Board and management of the Development Agency shall ensure that the activities of the Development Agency are aligned with, and complement, the development plans and strategies of all municipalities within Joe Gqabi District and other organs of state, so as to give effect to the principles of co –operative government.