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Vision, Mission, Goals

The working vision of the Development Agency shall be: “To be a dynamic, value - laden & output – driven economic development & investment vehicle, which triumphs over poverty and underdevelopment.” The Development Agency will drive projects that seek to significantly contribute to achieving Joe Gqabi's District potential as a District of Prosperity.

The mission of the Development Agency shall be: “To be a sustainable economic development and investment agency, which accelerates, in its entirety, the economic prosperity of Joe Gqabi District.” In order to achieve its mission, the Development Agency shall:

  • As its prime objective, promote comprehensive economic development of Joe Gqabi District;
  • Act as a formal link to the private sector to facilitate private sector-led developments and the establishment of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP);
  • Respond to private sector preferences that necessitate the creation of separate entities for sustained and /or partnership and involvement;
  • Use the Districts underutilised resources as economic levers and inputs

The key values that will guide the work and approach of the Development Agency are: Integrity: Integrity in doing what is right and being Joe Gqabi's trusted development vehicle and partner by demonstrating accountability; ensuring compliance with legislation and regulations; communicating openly and honestly; treating everyone with fairness and respect; following through on commitments. Innovation: Embracing change and aggressively seeking new ways to business by ensuring and upholding best practices; and investing and implementing leading-edge project management; environmental sustainability. Service Excellence: This is commitment to contribute to improving the economic and social profile of Joe Gqabi district. This will be maintained through effectively partnering with stakeholders; striving for excellence in facilitating service delivery; training and developing employees; leveraging technology and resources; recognising and rewarding exemplary performance.

The core competencies of the Development Agency are as follows:

  • Implementation of strategic, high-impact, economic development projects, in an integrated and sustainable fashion;
  • Asset development, management and acquisition, allowing the Development Agency to take extract fees or acquire a stake in the developments it facilitates;
  • Maximisation of return on assets in the medium and long term;
  • Coordinating public, private and civic resources and contributions into projects and programmes;
  • Marketing, promotion, public and community relations in support of its project portfolio.