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Aliwal Spa
Aliwal Spa is a tourist resort which has potential to provide a wide range of products from wellness treatment centre to luxurious, spacious and elegantly furnished chalets which are set among trees to outdoor entertainment. The Aliwal Spa also boasts of hot springs, which are a major attraction to local and national tourists. The hot springs were developed as far back as 1960’s into a Spa Resort consisting of a range of tourists facilities.

Aliwal Spa is located in Aliwal North, right at the border of the Eastern Cape and the Free State Provinces and lies on the Friendly N6, linking the Eastern Cape, Free State and Gauteng province. It is one of the major assets of Maletswai Local Municipal. The facilities used to be a major attraction to tourists all over South Africa. Unfortunately due to lack of proper management, poor marketing and lack of maintenance the facilities have deteriorated and some are no longer functional at all. Despite this major setback, Aliwal Spa and its hot springs still hold a lot of potential for tourism development in the region and it is for this reason that it has been identified as a catalyst for the Joe Gqabi Economic Development Agency to ensure the leveraging of economic growth for the region.

The Maletswai Local Municipality has mandated Joe Gqabi Economic Development Agency (JoGEDA) to manage the process of ensuring that the Aliwal Spa is positioned to become a competitive and (self) sustainable tourist facility which creates employment. The Agency seeks to ensure that optimum use of the facility takes place, with the Spa a sought after leisure destination in the province, and in the nation. The Agency also seeks to ensure that business operations on site make profits and furthermore, that they positively impact the local economic conditions. JoGEDA has thus undertaken to do the following:

  • Initiate and investigate models for commercialising
  • Develop and package the project for prospective investment partners
  • Facilitate and coordinate the various stakeholders and prospective partners
  • Implement the investment proposal
  • Manage the relationship with investment partners