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Green Economy

One of the key elements of our projects is to capitalise on green innovations that have strong socio-economic impacts. As currently on the conceptualisation stage, we seek to develop a comprehensive strategy that supports the transformation of economy into green economy. A green economy approach offers an opportunity to make business more competitive, more attractive, more efficient and therefore more profitable. It also offers the opportunity to create new businesses in the region that respond to both environmental opportunities (such as those offered by environmental goods and services) and environmental threats (such as a shortage of water and energy). For example one the of the key elements of the Maize-Meat Hub Feedlot project is to establish tannery and waste processing facility, whereby energy regeneration produces energy for cooking and lighting purposes in the rural region. The other element includes the development of waste greening facility that produces tan and hides for further processing, developing linkages with the car manufacturers and 1st and 2nd tier players in the value chain. For each project, a green innovation element has to be identified where strengths of creating new business are identified and further socio-economic impacts are realized.